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I filled out an application. Does this mean I am obligated to rent from you?
Not at all! The application simply lets us know the unit in which you are most interested.
I like two different units. Can I submit two applications?
No, please submit one application and indicate which unit you are MOST interested in. If you change your mind about which unit or building you like, we can always transfer your application to your new preference. To transfer your application, just call 608-251-8777.
If I apply for one of your rental units, does my application reserve it for me?
Sorry; the only way to secure an apartment is to sign the lease.
Do I have to fill out an application to rent from you? What are your requirements?
Everyone over the age of 18 must fill out an application. One of our main requirements is that you have at least two years of housing history. This means you have been on a lease for at least two years. Please note that student housing or living with family/friends typically does not count as housing history.
I don’t have two years of housing history. What do I do now?
Without housing history, we will require you to use a co-signer.
How much is the security deposit and when is it due?
The security deposit is equal to one month’s rent. In most cases, you will be given 7 days from the initial lease signing to provide us with the full security deposit.

Rental Search & Showings

How fast do your rental units usually sign?
It varies from year to year, so we have no way of knowing. Please keep in mind that we sign leases every weekday and select Saturdays.

Lease Signing

I like one of your apartments! How do I sign a lease?
To sign a lease, you must fill out an application before or at the time of your lease signing. Come to MPM’s office at 1202 Regent Street during business hours. No appointment is necessary.
I am interested in one of your places, but I’m not ready to sign yet. Can you reserve it for me?
Although we want you to be very certain of your decision before signing a lease, we are unable to hold units for anyone. The only way to secure a rental is by signing a lease, and we sign leases on a first-come, first-served basis.
I don’t want to lose the place I like, but not all of my roommates can sign right away. Can I still secure it?
Yes! Once one person in your group has signed the lease, the unit is reserved. The remaining roommates can sign the lease at a later date. We can also email the lease to anyone who is out of town, etc. Please keep in mind that if you sign a lease before your roommates, you are responsible for the rent, even if your roommates back out.
I only want a place until the end of spring. Do you offer 9-month leases?
Our campus leases are 12 months long, but you have the option to sublet your apartment for a small fee. We are happy to assist you with this process.
If I sign a lease with you but decide I like another MPM property better, will you let me switch apartments?
If you choose to back out of your lease, there is a $300 fee to put the unit back on the market. You will be held responsible for the lease until it is re-rented.


Who is a co-signer?
A co-signer is a third party, often a relative, who agrees to secure the financial obligation of the lease if you default on your payment.
I have a co-signer, but they live out of state. Can I sign a lease without them present?
Yes. You can sign the lease without your co-signer present. We can email or mail your co-signer the forms they will need to sign. These are to be returned to us within five business days.


The bedrooms in the place we like aren’t the same size. How do we decide what portion of the rent each of us will pay?
MPM requires that the entire rent amount is paid by the first of each month, but we remain uninvolved in how you choose to divvy up the monthly cost.