Application Procedure

Please fill out the following application completely and accurately. Falsification of any information is grounds for denial. All approved applicants are required to provide a valid driver's license or state identification card. If an application is incomplete, our staff will call the applicant one time to obtain the information needed in order to complete the application. If this call does not provide the necessary information, rejection may be based on an incomplete application. Each application is valid for up to 30 days. After that time, a new application must be filled out. Please note: current tenants of MPM are required to fill out a new application when moving to a different unit.

Applicants must demonstrate an ability to pay the monthly rent. Information about your current employer, including names and telephone numbers of references, must be provided if applicable. Please list all sources of income. Employment references may be checked to verify income. If an applicant receives an income subsidy, verification must be provided when turning in the completed application. If an applicant has a payee or other contact person at a specific agency, that payee’s name and telephone number must be provided. If an applicant does not demonstrate the ability to pay the monthly rent, a co-signer may be required to guarantee the financial obligations of the lease. A credit check may be conducted on any submitted application. Poor credit does not always result in application rejection; however, it may be a factor used in processing the application, and may be grounds for denial.

A rental history check may be conducted on your application. Applicants are required to have at least two years of satisfactory housing history including rental history and/or home ownership. Please complete your current and prior landlord information. If you own or have owned a home, please make note of this. Satisfactory housing history does not include time residing in student housing (dorms) or residing with parents or relatives. Applicants with less than two years of housing history may be asked to obtain a co-signer to guarantee the financial obligations of the lease. If an applicant owes money to a previous landlord, this balance must be paid in full before the application will be processed.

Madison Property Management, Inc. manages properties owned by different property owners. Each owner has different requirements for tenancy. Madison Property Management, Inc. rents to applicants in the order that their applications are approved. Application processing may take up to 72 hours. We will contact you after your application has been processed. We provide copies of the lease agreement and lease rules upon request. No Earnest Money Deposit is required.

Application Procedure

Please complete the application to the best of your ability. View full application instructions.

Applicant Info

Other Persons to Occupy Residence

Employment Information

Please include information for your current employer.

Student - Not Currently Employed - Clear

Other Income Sources

Co-signer Information

In the event that you do not meet our minimum requirements for approval, you may be asked to use a co-signer.

Emergency Contact

Housing History

Please supply your most recent housing history. A minimum of the past 2 years is required.

Current Residence

Previous Residence 1

Lease History Details

Any false statements or omissions are grounds for immediate application rejection, or future termination of any lease signed pursuant to this application.

Any money owed to another landlord must be paid in full before the application will be processed.

Automobile Parking

Parking is NOT Guaranteed: Unless the unit you are applying for is advertised as "Parking Included", selecting "Yes" does not guarantee you a parking stall. You must enter into a separate parking contract before parking is permitted.

View MPM's parking listings.

Animals/Pets (There is no guarantee pets are permitted)

Breed / Weight Restrictions May Apply

Additional Information

Application Comments (optional - 255 Character Max):

I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand this application, and all information that has been submitted, including the information listed on this application, is true and correct. I understand that all application information and materials are being relied upon in application processing and are a pre-condition to approval by Madison Property Management, Inc. I hereby authorize management to conduct routine housing references, employment verification, criminal background checks, public records checks, financial reference investigations, and to obtain and rely on credit agency reports for the purpose of processing this application. I understand and acknowledge that my performance under any lease agreement I may enter into with the landlord may be reported to such credit-reporting agency, and authorize management to obtain my credit report for the purpose of collecting any amounts due pursuant to any future lease agreement with the landlord.


If you do not receive immediate confirmation that your application has been submitted, please close and re-open your web browser and resubmit your application ASAP.
If you are unable to submit your application, please scroll up and ensure that all required fields are filled in.