Although a landlord signature is not legally required for you to submit a Rent Certificate with your taxes, Madison Property Management will complete one for you on a first come first served basis. Please be aware it can take up to 15 business days for your Rent Certificate to be completed. The original Rent Certificate will be returned to you by one of two methods:

  • 1. Via the USPS – you must provide us with a self-addressed stamped envelope to our office at 1202 Regent Street.
  • 2. Via pick-up – you must provide us with a phone number and our office will contact you when your Rent Certificate is ready to be picked up.

Madison Property Management will complete Rent Certificates according to the payment records reflected on your tenant account. If you feel there has been an error when filling out your Rent Certificate, please contact our office via email at If you do not agree with the information provided on your Rent Certificate, you have the right to complete a Rent Certificate and submit it without a landlord signature.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our office.
 Teléfono:: (608) 251-8777
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 Address: 1202 Regent Street
Madison WI 53715
 Mantenimiento dde Emergencia:># de Emergencia: (608) 258-7726
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